Shin Dong-hee Is Member Of Super Junior
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MBC MUSIC 아이돌 댄스 대회 Idol Dance Battle D Style! Episode 02 MC Shindong

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Anonymous asked: You don't think Shindong is rude? Not trying to start shit, just curious :)


I think he shouldn’t of said some of the things he has said, granted. But I do believe most people have thrown things way out of proportion. I’m not sticking up for him and saying he is innocent and all that shit, but I do believe he is genuinely sorry

As for the rest of the shit. IT IS SCRIPTED! Yes, he could of told the production team that he’s not going to ask the questions, but then he may be asked to step down as a host, thus losing his job and all the money that comes with it. 

The whole asking Key about his sexual orientation was scripted. Shindong was told by the producer to ask them questions. The thing that pisses me off the most about the whole situation is that every body in the kpop fandom (including shawols!) instantly assume Key is gay. But as soon as an idol who has known him for years gets told to ask him on a variety show, they instantly get bullshit hate thrown at them. 

As for the yongguk double eyelid thing. he wasn’t telling yongguk (or any of the other members for that matter) to get eye surgery to make him look better, he just said that if any of the members ever thought about surgery, he would recommend double eyelids as he himself got it and he felt more confident in himself. He never ever in the whole two hours of broadcast said that any members of B.A.P were ugly and needed surgery jfc

So inconclusion, no, I don’t think Shindong is rude. 
I think that the haters are rude for saying he should go kill himself. 
That is rude. 

Credit: PARTNERS_帕崽子

Credit: PARTNERS_帕崽子

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140421 ICN Shindong from Nanjing

Lotte Duty Star Free Ave

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140421 ICN Shindong from Nanjing

140421 ICN Shindong from Nanjing

Shindong’s The One Sweatshirt @Shimshimtapa (April 1, 2014)



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Best of Best in Nanjing- Sapphire Blue dominates again


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